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Interview on The Insider (CBS television)

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Television program The Insider contacted our legal video forensic team to analyze security camera surveillance footage of Ms. Lindsay Lohan allegedly stealing jewelry from a Venice, California jewelry store. Did she steal? If so, was it on purpose? Was it an accident? We believe it was an accident.

For specific tips on how to improve your forensic analysis, enhancement, and cross examination of video and audio evidence in courts, see our online advice 10 Tips To Prevent Crucial Mistakes.

David Notowitz is a well respected and court approved forensic video expert witness and runs NCAVF, a company that enhances, analyzes, and testifies regarding forensic enhancement of video and sound footage in major court cases for police detectives, insurance companies, defense attorneys, and private investigators.

The digital video enhancement and testimony of NCAVF has proven to enhance a juries' understanding of video and audio related evidence. Call anytime for past business references and to see if their forensic video and audio services can help your case.

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