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Find Your Evidence With Our Video Surveillance Retrieval Service

If you’re trying to find surveillance video for your case, we offer a video investigation service that will locate security camera systems and retrieve surveillance video near any location and time you specify.

Picture these situations:

  1. An attorney has a case in which their client claims he did not drive through a particular intersection. Would it be helpful to watch the intersection during that time period to see if client is seen driving past or not?

  2. An accident occurs between two cars, and the police issue no fault determination. Would it be helpful to see the accident as it occurred?

  3. Your client is charged with DUI, and the arresting officer writes in his report that he saw your client swerving in lanes. Would it be helpful to travel back in time to the incident and see that the client was not swerving?

  4. An attorney wishes to find a certain model of car driving down a street during a specific time frame, in order to discover if cars other than his client's also fit the description of the suspect car. Would it be helpful to go back to that time to watch the cars passing and find a car that is strikingly similar to the suspect car? For all these situations, would it be helpful if there was surveillance video showing some aspect of the incident?

Well, maybe there is!

Video is almost everywhere today. Businesses, homes, and city entities install surveillance systems at traffic intersections, overpasses, driveways, parks, on light posts, in busses, trains, and in police cars. Businesses such as stations and mini marts, fast food restaurants, pawn shops and jewelry stores, supermarkets and warehouses all have incentives to install and operate surveillance camera systems. Police body worn cameras are becoming common too. All these cameras are sources of evidence to help attorneys with criminal defense and civil cases. Provided the attorney can find and properly extract the video evidence. When an attorney needs to find surveillance video that recorded their incident, they call us.

Just give us the location, and we will do the search, physically visiting the area and doing a full investigation to look for any functioning cameras and contacting all entities that have potential cameras facing the location. Our investigators search for any possible security camera recordings and make a report for the attorney. After that, we can retrieve video in the highest resolution possible and enhance and analyze any resulting media files.

And of course, if necessary, we can testify in court about our process of finding, retrieving, and enhancing the evidence.